Photograph everything even stuff animals

Photo Tips: Instead of spending money – Take a Picture


When I visit places, I love taking pictures of the landscapes and topiaries. To capture the items I find fascinating but don’t need one more stuff toy or animal, I take a picture. These things beckon to us from the carnival atmosphere but do I need one more stuff animal. Plus I look at how and where they were made. If they are made by CHEAP labor, they are not usually quality – I skip the expenditure.


Saving money when visiting a theme park is tremendous effort. The food is pricey and not necessarily good. But all those shiny new things are sheer temptation. Learning to take pictures has been important. No more throwing out or giving away or yard sale of old used stuff animals. Some sill manage to creep back into my home. Ugh!

Today we have a mixer of stuff and scenery.

Part of Travel photo Thursday

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A SeaWorld Photography Day

Photo tips: Make a habit of taking pictures

Plan on doing photography more often with a goal of every day. When I take pictures I am happy, excited, delighted and generally serene. My pictures make me serene. This is one of my gifts.


Spent the day at SeaWorld. Got some really nice shots. While in idle time, I spent a little of it taking flower and scenery pictures. Love the horticulture at SeaWorld and the ability to get fantastic pictures.


Lovely jumps by the Whales – Must go back and try for even better ones. First time at whale show sitting on the side. Makes for great pictures.


The Blue Horizon show is my favorite show. Capture at least one decent jump. Again, I could go more often and get better at shooting GREAT shots. Become an expert could be the goal.

Part of Travel photo Thursday

Photo gallery

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Love Waterfalls even Manmade

Legoland Florida has a waterfall left from Cypress Gardens times. It is always a place I sit on the bench and just enjoy the landscape. Visited the first weekend of Brick or Treat and nothing unusual. The Lego animals were there but no Halloween look.

Waterfall Legoland Photographer Eileen LudwigLegoland Waterfall Photographer Eileen Ludwig

Just seven days later on their Birthday, the Waterfall had been transformed with Pumpkins. I like it. The pumpkins add a nice color and fit the season. Wondered why they weren’t done at the beginning of October instead of the middle. Still I sat and enjoyed the scenery.

Legoland Waterfall Halloween Photographer Eileen LudwigLegoland Waterfall Halloween Photographer Eileen Ludwig


Eileen Ludwig of Digital Photography and Multimedia Art brings to the world insights about photography, multimedia, and Art. Early adopter of the Brownie Camera and . . . → Read More: Love Waterfalls even Manmade

Double Decker Carousel Night Motion Light Legoland

Photo Tips Night Pictures

Best way to learn is to do. Experiment. Hesitant to post Photo Tips because the pictures were interesting but not perfect. Decided Interesting is ok because that is how I learn. Some shots are not meant to be with the tool being used but as a Photographer it was necessary. It was too much fun to see the results. Thought it would be fun to show you what I did and find out which ones you like. Here goes nothing, LOL!!

Took this picture of the Carousel in motion and thought – oh – I should take a steady show – but I love the motion – What do you think?

Double decker carousel Legoland night in motion Photographer Eileen LudwigDouble Decker carousel Legoland night in motion Photographer Eileen Ludwig

Now it is stopped. I like this one too BUT am drawn to the motion one. It is blurry which makes me feel it is wrong but that is . . . → Read More: Double Decker Carousel Night Motion Light Legoland

Night Reflections SeaWorld Christmas Photography

Photo Tips Night Reflections at SeaWorld Christmas Celebration

Love trying more things and stretching my photographic knowledge of my camera by going out and shooting pictures. With a small camera, it goes every where with me so I can shoot and capture my environment. Taking night pictures again at SeaWorld was on my mine after these first three. From above of the whole Ice Skating rink was my goal. Last year I saw a capture someone else got and thought next year I would go upstairs. I watch the Ice Skating show twice this night. The balcony shots are the early show. Love these. Have fun looking. Which are your favorites? What is it you like about them?

Love this blue and the reflections. The lighted tables are so cool to see at night. The bags of light are plastic with light bulbs but gives the neighborhood look and feel to this Christmas Market Area of SeaWorld Christmas Celebration

Sea of Trees SeaWorld Lighted Eating tables foreground <span style= . . . → Read More: Night Reflections SeaWorld Christmas Photography

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