Denmark Castle Copenhagen Tivoli

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Wonderful trip through the Scandinavian Countries, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. Four weeks was a great time to use their version of Eurail pass that was only good for those countries but included Trains, Boats, and, Ferries which allowed me to go far and wide for a lower cost.

Stunning CastleStunning Castle – What is its name and where is it?

Searching online I have not been able to find anyone else who took a picture like this of a castle. My other photographs from that trip are in storage and on negatives or slides – I have not been able to absolutely identify this beautifully Stunning Castle. Anyone who can shed light on this for me – greatly appreciated.
[Fredericksborg Castle, Copenhagen, Denmark] (LOC)

Fredericksborg Castle Courtesy Library of Congress

My trip started with a flight into Oslo Norway with one night reserved at a hotel and a return from Copenhagen, Denmark. Because I was afraid to not get to Copenhagen on time for the flight back, I arrived several days early. Changed hotels when I realized the agency had booked me in a tourist area that was right in the center of the Ladies of the Night area.

Walking around was adventurous to find a new location that was safer for someone traveling alone. There are a lot of waterways in Copenhagen and I enjoyed walking the wide sidewalks along the water until I happen upon an area where the homeless were hanging out. On my return, a guy across the waterway made enough noise for me to look that way and of course, he was relieving himself. It was hard to know good and bad sections for me.
[The Tivoli park entrance, Copenhagen, Denmark] (LOC)

Tivoli Park Entrance Courtesy Library of Congress

Great Amusement Park where I made my way to try the rides and see how I did without know the language or being able to read the signs. It was fun. Unfortunately, I do not have my own personal pictures but searching Flickr will allow you to discover lots about this park.

[The Tivoli park, Copenhagen, Denmark] (LOC)

Tivoli Copenhagen Courtesy Library of Congress

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