Photoshop World 2010 Review

Wow, fantastic three days at PSW. Love that PSW has so many photographers who make great photos straight from their cameras. It isn’t just Photoshop all day and retouching all night as the opening song by some of the top gurus. There are seven tracks with two each for Photographers and Photoshoppers. There were more than 84  one hour sessions. I will highlight a few.

Day1: Having been to PSW in 2008, I tried to go to new people to learn new information. The first day Rafael Concepcion was awesome with his hints and tips on his experience in making Online Portfolios. His Webpage simply is  ‘aboutrc’ in order to make it easy to give the name to others.

Day2 am: Joe McNally a very talented, personable  photographer.  He is funny and helps both his subject and his audience relax with laughter. He isn’t afraid to show you how a lighting effect will affect your picture. He photographed an athlete with an amazing in the air shot at the end.

Day2 pm: Joe Gylda is fun to watch and listen to as he shows you how to create a scene of ‘food’ with simple lighting reflectors or stands or Plexiglas for reflection and clean surface are used in any setting. His expertise in food lighting applies across any photographic setting. Great presentation on lighting with one light.

Day2 evening: Zack Arias is down to earth, ready to get you doing photography with the least amount of requirements. This is a man who understands working and making a living from scratch. He uses unusual settings in urban areas to create beautiful organic, green, clean, and lighted photographs. He is so popular on Facebook, he can’t add any more friends and needs a fan page. This is his photo of the group left for prizes at the end

Day3: Ben Willmore took us on a painting with light journey. Using long exposures and flashlight(s) one can make some really incredible photography. Although I had seen a photograph with light before, I had never seen the concept demonstrated. Ben broke it down so one could learn to duplicate this with practice. Lots of practice.

Each of these photographers is incredibly talented and has a niche and wonderful personalities for working with so many people from so many ages and walks of life. Thank you to each of them for giving part of their life to enhance our life.


Eileen Lud­wig of Digital Photography and Multimedia Art brings to the world insights about photography, multimedia, and Art. Early adopter of the Brownie Camera and an avid traveler she has photographed far and wide. Using this site to share with others photographs, skills, knowledge, and joys of clicks. She is owner of four sites: Pho­tog­ra­phy, Web Design School, Social Media School and Free­lance Tourist. Each are in dif­fer­ent stages of devel­op­ment and evolution.

We all gather in this place to share expe­ri­ences, strengths, and school of hard knocks, On Job Train­ing. We can use this space to explore and under­stand the trends and con­cepts both as a begin­ner and advanced user. Point­ing oth­ers in the right direc­tion when needed.

Lets have fun!

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