Photoshop World Training Convention Orlando March 30

Photoshop World 2011

Orlando March 30 (Wed) to April 1 (Fri)
Orange County Convention Center – South Concourse, Orlando, Florida

I am planning on going to the FREE expo days on Thursday and Friday. They have great teachers on the floor and lots of vendors. A great chance to mingle with others. The expo is free for two days. Just the expo is so worth going. Don’t miss out.

I have not upgraded my Creative Suite to CS5 and therefore learning all the new stuff would be lost on me. I want to spend that money on upgrade when they go to the next level or I might wait for two level upgrades. I went the last two years.

This is a conference (convention of training) where they actually teach you and not just fluff through the material. It is incredibly amazing. If you have the time and money, this is the conference to go be a part of the whole thing. There is so much to do and see and learn in three short days although they will feel long because of the amount of information you will absorb.

Learn about photograph lighting. Learn about Photoshop. Learn about setting up objects for a marketing piece. Learn about equipment.

Amazing instructors:

  • Bert Monroy who uses Illustrator like it was a third hand with detail and artistic flair
  • Corey Barker who jumps into any application and figures it out and teaches it
  • Joe Glyda takes ordinary object and photographs them into an extraordinary picture
  • Joe McNally needs to be cloned. A super friendly and nice guy who has been part of photographing the extreme and capturing light and subject into a perfect picture
  • John Paul Caponigro has captured the ice, effects of climate change, and the far reaches of the earth into unforgettable photographs
  • RC Conception the technical and Photoshop genius who is down to earth and openly shares
  • Scott Kelby is one of a kind and his talents include a band
  • Russell Brown is like the crazy professor who will take you joyously into realms you did not know from the dark ages into the light of today
  • Moose Peterson sends pictures on twitter or Facebook of his office (the wilderness)
  • Many more great instructors – see link in resources


My review from last year just briefly gives an overview of an exceptional over the top conference –

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Eileen Lud­wig of Digital Photography and Multimedia Art brings to the world insights about photography, multimedia, and Art. Early adopter of the Brownie Camera and an avid traveler she has photographed far and wide. Using this site to share with others photographs, skills, knowledge, and joys of clicks. She is owner of four sites: Pho­tog­ra­phy, Web Design School, Social Media School and Free­lance Tourist. Each are in dif­fer­ent stages of devel­op­ment and evolution.

We all gather in this place to share expe­ri­ences, strengths, and school of hard knocks, On Job Train­ing. We can use this space to explore and under­stand the trends and con­cepts both as a begin­ner and advanced user. Point­ing oth­ers in the right direc­tion when needed.

Lets have fun!

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